How to set up publishing to Telegram channels?
To set up a publication, follow these steps:

1. Add the @wwpagerbot bot to your channel
2. In a personal chat with the bot, register a personal address for the channel with the /register command
3. Link the created address to your channel with the /addchannel command
4. Send an email to the created address and the email will be published in the channel
5. Use the /listchannels command to view the email list for channels
6. You can use the /deletechannel command to unlink an email from the channel. In this case all emails sent to the unlinked email address will be sent to your personal chat
How to set up publishing to Telegram chats?
To set up publishing to groups, follow these steps:
1. Add the bot to the group
2. In the group, run the /register@wwpagerbot command and then enter the user name (part of the email address before the @ sign) in the format /alex@wwpagerbot
3. An email address for the group will be created. Send an email to this address and the message will be published in the group
4. To get the email list for a group, run the /list@wwpagerbot command in the group
5. To delete an email for a group, use the /remove@wwpagerbot command in the group
How to set up receiving messages from your site?
You can receive messages from your site in messenger (for example, feedback)

To do this, insert a special line anywhere on the page between the <body> </body> tags:

<script type='text/javascript' src="" data-id="123456"></script>
Replace 123456 with your WWPager ID or your username in your personal email.

For example, if you have an address specify alex in the data-id:

<script type='text/javascript' src="" data-id="alex"></script>
How to enable webmail?
Use the /enableweb command to enable web access. The bot will ask you to select an email address (currently only available for email in the domain) and will tell you the link and password to access the mail

The /disableweb command disables web access
How can I use WWPager to protect my email? (so far only in Telegram)
  • Register your personal address in WWPager using the /register command
  • Set your real email with the command /myemail
  • Enable forwarding with the /forward command
Now you can specify the email received in WWPager everywhere, and all emails will be displayed in the bot and forwarded to your real email
How to use the "notebook" in WWPager (so far only in Telegram)
  1. Set your real email with the /myemail command
  2. Write something to the bot - this text will be sent to you by email
  3. Send the bot a link to a page on the Internet - the bot will download its content and send it to you by email (it does not work with all sites)
  4. Send the bot a photo - get it to your email
What is WWPager PRO?
WWPager PRO is a separate bot available only for Telegram. The main difference is several geographically distributed email servers for guaranteed and instant message delivery. The bot also allows you to work with private channels and groups. With EmailGaurd technology, you can hide your real email. Bot address -
What is "EmailGuard technology"?
The EmailGuard technology allows you to correspond by email, hiding your real email. To try it, follow these steps:
  1. Connect to the bot and run the command /start
  2. In the main menu, click Settings
  3. Specify your real email address (for example )
  4. Enable message forwarding
  5. Send an email from the mail program to the address provided to you by the bot (for example )
  6. The bot will receive the email and forward it to your real email. After receiving a letter in the mail program, answer it. It will be sent with the sender's address, instead of
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