About - WWPager Service


The main purpose of the WWPager service is to register email for receiving / sending email in messengers. You can also receive messages from your site in messenger.

Currently, the following messengers are supported: 
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • ICQ
  • VKontakte

To register an email, go to the Sign In section and follow the instructions for your messenger.

Bot will register your default mailbox as 123456@wwpager.ru, where 123456 is your WWPager ID, and 123456@wwpager.ru - your email address for receiving messages in the messenger.

You can test the service in the following ways: 
  • send an email to the address that the bot registered - you will receive a message in a chat with the bot 
  • click the link that the bot provided (https://wpgr.me/123456) and enter a message - you will get it in a chat with the bot. You can use this feature if you want to get a message from a friend who doesn't have the messenger you use. In the situation " Send me to Telegram (Viber,ICQ,VK)? And I don't have it" - simply send a link like: https://wpgr.me/YourID and your friend do not need to install messenger

What else can WWPager do?

  • Register an email with your username (for example, alex@wwpager.ru) in multiple domains - wwpager.ru, wwpager.com, wwpager.net, wwpager.org, wwpager.me, wwpager.best, wwpager.tech, wwpager.site, icqemail.ru, icqemail.com, icqemail.org, wwpager.email, telega.email, viber.email
  • Send email from messenger
  • Send SMS from messenger
  • Accept messages in messenger from your personal site
  • Register an email for your chat (group) or channel in Telegram. Messages that will be sent to this email will be automatically published to the channel or group
  • To exchange messages between different instant messengers. For example, you can send a message from Viber to ICQ, from Telegram to Vkontakte, and so on
  • Read news from Telegram channels in email, Viber, ICQ or Vkontakte